Welcome to the ART GYM.

(The place where we train our minds like we train our muscles.)

Our workshops address escaping daily stress, mental health, and general wellness through daily art and creative practice.

Workshop I:

Find The Flow: The benefits of daily creative practice.


What is the flow?

It’s that moment when you forget the world around you in relaxed concentration when drawing, sketching, or writing.



This is the creative edge you and your team are looking for.

  • relaxed concentration - THE FLOW

  • discovering the artist within

  • alternative to meditation

  • daily stress relief

  • mental health exercise

  • self expression

  • overall wellness

  • TBI / PTSD

  • Injury rehabilitation


We are working with universities and professional sports teams and have built curriculum and classes for:

  • Creative practice for teams

  • Kids classes

  • Individual Athlete Art coaching

  • Creative Training for adults

  • Continuing education (CE) credits

  • Corporate creative workshops

  • Half day workshops

  • Full day workshops



Target Audiences:

  • Children and young adults (5-21 years)

  • Veterans and Service members

  • Competitive & Professional athletes

  • Dementia, Alzheimers, and Aging care patients

Creative Processes:

  • Fundamentals of Art

  • Journaling / Daily Practice

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Sculpture / Mixed Media

  • Mind-Body Integration Work

  • Nutrition

Program Outcomes:

  • Enhanced mind-body integration

  • Improved focus & sustained concentration

  • Reduced stress and pain

  • Greater mindfulness

  • Elevated physical performance

  • Growth of creative skills