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The power of sport,

empowering the arts.


The Exhibition

Be inspired by the work of professional athletes and military veterans.

Together we will create great art with greater purpose.

Proceeds from the sale of original artwork and licensed merchandise fuels future art events and support charities that foster arts, humanities, and health.

Bambino by Brett Tomko.

Bambino by Brett Tomko.

Hillary Werth

Hillary Werth

Sghetti Din by Joe Olney

Sghetti Din by Joe Olney

The Boxer by Percy King

The Boxer by Percy King


Be Like Michelangelo.

Creating art is exercise for the brain.

Our exhibitions, workshops, and art camps address escaping daily stress, mental health, PTSD and TBI recovery, self expression, and general wellness through art and creative practice.


The Boxer

by Percy King


What We do…

Art Exhibitions

The Abstract Athlete explores the collision of art, sport, and science. We strive to inspire creativity in an engaging way, through sports.

Our exhibitions showcase artwork from professional athletes and military veterans with proceeds fueling future art events and charities chosen by our artists.

Our artists cover an expanding number of mediums ranging from painting to sculpture to industrial design. They are The Abstract Athletes - world class athletes in balance with mental training and creative practice.


Workshops & Art Camps

Art Camps

Inspiring the next generation of artists with today’s sports heroes.

In conjunction with our traveling exhibition, we bring half day art camps for kids at local schools and summer sports camps at sporting events with our partners. Keep up to date on our schedule for art camps near you!

Creative workshops

Interested in training like a professional artist?

We offer creative workshops for schools, sports and corporate teams, and professional athletes looking for additional balance to their physical training. In these workshops we use daily creative practice to address escaping everyday stress, improving mental health, self expression, and general wellness through art.

Team building? Contact us today!


Creative Gear and Merchandise

Original artwork, limited edition prints, and the tools for creating art - season sketch journals, artists gear, and more.

Proceeds benefit art camps for kids and charities chosen by our artists - “MY ART, MY CAUSE”.

Support the arts and our non-profit charity partners with art supplies for teams, athletes, and artists of all ages.