All Star Week Art and Athletics Kit

Art and Athletics Kit



The 2018 Summer Classic has come and gone in thrilling fashion, and the Abstract Athlete has just what baseball fans need to stay both active and creative this Summer. Former Major League pitcher Brett Tomko illustrates iconic baseball figures such as Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth in his artwork — with our Art and Athletics kit, fans can take some creative inspiration from Tomko and pay homage to our national pastime by coloring their own baseball design and practicing some of the physical exercises that help professional pitchers stay at the top of their game. 


Try out the workout regimen below- these exercises are intended as a suggested guide and should be followed based on your personal ability. Once you've completed your workout, get your creative game going by coloring your own version of our black and white sketch of World Champion Houston Astros third baseman and All-Star Game MVP Alex Bregman. This Art & Athletics kits creates a one-of-a-kind All-Star experience for Sports fans and Artists alike.     


Workout Regimen:


  • Band work:

  1. Grab the end with your pitching hand and bring it up over your head with your upper arm extended by your ear. Bend your elbow, bringing your hand behind your head. There will be slight tension in the band. Extend your arm up overhead and bring it back down for one full rep. (15X)

  2. Stand on the band and grip one end with each hand. Turn your palms forward and bend your elbows, bringing your hands toward your shoulders. Slowly release back down to complete one rep. (15X)

  3. Grasp the band with your pitching hand and step back so that the band is stretched slightly and parallel to the floor. Bend your elbow so your arm forms a 90 degree angle. Rotate your shoulder so that your arm is parallel to the floor while the elbow remains bent. Rotate back so that your fist is up toward the sky pulling on the band. One rotation up and back down is a complete rep. (15X)

  • Single Leg Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift: 3 sets x 10 reps for each arm/leg. Use whatever weight is most comfortable, typically 10 - 25 lbs. Stand straight, holding a dumbbell in your right hand, with your left hand at your side. Bend down and extend your right leg straight back, keeping your left foot planted. Your right arm will hang straight down while your body forms a T-shape when you bend. Hold at the bottom, then return to starting position. Repeat the same number of reps for reach arm/leg. Promotes leg balance, core stability and cross-body strength.


  • Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows: 3 sets x 10 reps for each arm. Use whatever weight is most comfortable, typically 20 - 50 lbs. Bend over extending one leg out with your off arm resting on this leg. Your other arm should hold the weight about knee height — bring your arm up, driving your elbow toward the ceiling. The rest of your body should remain compact — if you find yourself swinging the rest of your body to drive back, then reduce the weight of your dumbbell. This works your back, shoulders, hips, biceps and lats, primarily.


  • Medicine Ball Sets: 10 - 15 lbs. Requires a partner. One person stands on the others feet while the subject sits down. The sitter receives the medicine ball from her / his partner, and taps either side of the ground with it before passing back up — this continues for 20 taps to each side. Then, the sitter lays back upon receiving a pass, tapping the ground above their head before doing a sit up to return the ball to their standing partner. This continues for 15 reps. The sitter then receives one last pass before tapping the ground on either side of them 10 times each, while ensuring their core remains compact and upright. This constitutes one of three sets, and will leave your core burning while also aiding stability and shoulder strength.


  • Leg Raises: 3 sets x 20 reps. Start in a comfortable pitching position, and simply raise your stride leg up to a 90 degree angle. Hold for a breath before gradually lowering your leg and tapping the ground before re-raising. Do not rest in between reps. This will facilitate balance and stability — a pitcher’s plant foot is the fulcrum of their delivery. 


Artist Workout

After you’ve finished your workout, get those creative juices flowing! We’ve designed an outline to get you started on illustrating your own picture of the World Champion Houston Astros’ third baseman and 2018 All-Star Game MVP Alex Bregman. Bregman slugged the go-ahead home run for the American League in the tenth inning of this year’s Summer Classic.

After you’ve finished your workout get those creative juices flowing! We’ve designed an outline for you to create your own picture of 2018 All-Star MVP Alex Bregman picture. Download the outline here.

Alex Bregman .jpeg


Check out some of the ones that people have made so far!

Shannon C. from Danville, Va 

Shannon C. from Danville, Va 

Lee W. from Richmond, Va 

Lee W. from Richmond, Va 

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